Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Craft Project: Cork Memory Tags

Good morning!

Today i'd like to introduce my first craft project post!

I can't decide if it's an age thing or the wonderful social world of twitter hours such as #crafthour on twitter and my addiction to Pinterest, but over the last few years i've found myself wanting to be more hands-on creative. I'm the type of person you'd probably expect to be quite 'crafty' and i see the look of disappointment in people's faces when i have to confess i can't even make good swirls on the bows for gift wrap (seriously, why is it so difficult!?)

So, with all the exciting news in my life over the last few weeks i was inspired to finally do something special for myself and my new fiancé. A bit of crafty, DIY romance!

Cork Memory Tags

We've been collecting special corks from champagne bottles since the day we moved in together but to be honest these have tended to just sit in a drawer. It was when i saw some really cute kraft luggage tags from The Dorothy Days that i was inspired to do something a little more special with them...

So i was very excited when the luggage labels arrived last week - i tried out all my sparkly coloured pens on them!

Although you could probably use a white or metallic ink on here too, i went for the black pen to make the words really stand out as i plan to put them all into a glass bowl we use as a centre piece in our dining room.

The corks all remind us of really special times and of course most recently - we got engaged! M&S champagne by the just delightful!

I'm really pleased with how all the corks look tied with a beautiful tag to remind us of these special moments - such a simple idea but it is so personal to us and they certainly make me smile every time i see them now.

Let me know what you think!

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