Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Love in Print


Perhaps it's because i've found myself getting more and more into the wedding planning or perhaps it's because we're now into that week in February where everyone's preparing for a weekend of either celebrating or avoiding Valentine's Day, but i've really been feeling really very loved recently. Without getting all sentimental and making you nauseous on a Tuesday morning, i'll just say that i'm a very lucky lady.

With all the love in the air, i couldn't help but add a whole bunch of romantic prints to my Great.Ly store this week. It's wonderful to see Great.Ly growing and finding new makers all the time, so please do stop by for a browse if you haven't before too!

home is where you are

alphabet i love you

sail away with me print

heart made of flowers folk

gold happiest in the world

All prints are available in my Great.Ly shop - makers are Colour Moon, Flutter Flutter Studio, Lemonwood Imprints and Le Papier Studio!

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