Thursday, 16 April 2015

Paper Epiphanies


I confess that i have quite a sarcastic sense of humour (my fiancé will say "dad joke" sense of humour..i say sarcastic!), which i find a little tricky sometimes working in a global company as those lines i spend a good ten minutes working on during a meeting, waiting for my moment to be funny..often get a little lost in translation. I'm lucky enough to have done a fair amount of travelling in my career so far and have definitely learnt that being asked if i'm looking forward to a visit to China and responding "sort of..going to miss tea and cake though" will mean i leave a meeting arms-full of green tea and the most savoury-Victoria sponge i'll ever taste to see me through the rest of my stay! Still, a very lovely thought!

When i first discovered Paper Epiphanies, you can imagine how much i laughed at some of their cards - they're perfect if you have a fellow sarcastic friend or just fancy sending a card with a difference. They wanted to make cards that say "what you might really want to say"...

So what do you say when everyone seems to be getting married and you find out another friend is engaged...?

Or someone you know has just completed their fifth marathon...this year?! (there's definitely someone of my Facebook who deserves this card!)

Or it's your bestie's birthday, the one who appreciates your dad humour...

And let's not the forget the sixth wedding of the summer...

I have to say there's so many cards on their website that are brilliant for different occasions and those special people in your lives...make sure you pop by for a look - Paper Epiphanies

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